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You're an expert writer.

Maybe you already know this, but if not, we are here to let you know that you are. Not only are you an expert, but your knowledge can be shared with others to help them improve their documents, learn new ways to express themselves, and become distinguishable in the university application system.
At studyabroad.live, we want to help people build better future for themselves and level-up their careers after studying abroad.
We don't like long drawn out motivation letters. We prefer to short and fascinating. We want to hear the story behind the student, and not a repetition of cv.
We respect the motivation of the person trying to start something new. We are busy professionals, with a small amount of time to devote to the continued rewriting of documents required by the university application.
Our mission is to make writers badass.
A studyabroad associate is a working professional that writes for a living.
We write.
We have standards.
We understand what it takes to get accepted to university.
When we think of what an studyabroad.live writer is we picture a person that loves to learn. That explores new ways to write and gets enjoyment when their exploration and discovery can be shared with others to help them as well. A studyabroad.live associate is a person that loves to write.
If this sounds like you, keep reading. We are here to help you become an studyabroad.live writer. We will tell you all our "secrets", provide feedback, and guide you along the way to getting your first draft written.

Getting invited to write on studyabroad.live

We are on the lookout for new writers. People writing interesting things and showing those things to other people.
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