What is studyabroad.live?
Studyabroad.live is a website dedicated to providing high quality, concise university application writing service.
Our primary mission is to help people improve their future through education.
A studyabroad.live writing service is different from other writing services.
We don't like long drawn out letters. This means that we keep it concise, with minimal "fluff". Somebody needing studyabroad.live service is busy, and we respect their time very much.
We prefer to tell a story instead of recite cv. This means that studyabroad.live writers strive to tell a story, and avoid writing irrelevant things. Instead they are using the content and building a strong case for the student's application.
Studyabroad writers focuses on the student. That's who we are here for.
We write by researching and improvising, and our documents don't contain nonsense.
Our mission is to make writers more badass

Your studyabroad.live mentor

Your success is the number one priority at studyabroad.live. We want you to create world-class letters in professional format that studyabroad.live members expect. We've found that it is a huge help to have somebody work closely with you for the first few drafts you create and continue to help you for as long as you need it.
To help achieve this, you are paired with an mentor that will assist you and provide the support and feedback you need to get those first drafts done as painlessly as possible. Your mentor will be a seasoned writer that knows the ropes and will guide you through the shortcuts so that you avoid the common pitfalls that you might run into otherwise. As with most things, writing is a hard earned skill, so depending on your experience you might need more support from your mentor. Don't hesitate to ask questions!
Alongside your mentor, you will also have direct access to studyabroad.live founders Zhenni Liang and Jari Hanski to help ensure your continued success. They are 100% dedicated to you and the rest of the studyabroad.live writer. You are their priority. Period.
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